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MatureMagnetism - Sexy Lifelike Perfect BBW

  • Experience Double the Pleasure with our Dual Channel for Dual Stimulation.
  • Get Lost in the Sensual Curves of our Massive, Plump Booty.
  • Satisfy Your Cravings with Our BBW Model, Designed to Please.
  • Seductive and Pink, Our Lips Will Leave You Wanting More.


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HeavenlyHips - Suckting and Vibrating Lifelike Butt Masturbation

  • Experience a whole new level of pleasure with our double-channel stimulation technology.
  • Premium quality, plush butt will leave you wanting more.
  • Indulge in the ultimate fantasy with our mouth-like sucking function.
  • With our powerful vibration technology, your toy will feel like it's alive!
  • Enticingly pink lips are sure to make you want to take a closer look.

5.0 / 2 reviews


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SensualSculpt - Sucking and Vibrating Lifelike Butt Masturbation

  • Get ready for five modes of suction that'll blow your mind!
  • Three different vibration speeds to rock your world!
  • Premium TPR material that feels just like the real thing!
  • Life-size and realistic for the ultimate authentic experience!
  • Never deal with messy clean-up again - this baby cleans itself!

5.0 / 2 reviews


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PeachTouch - Sexy Lifelike Butt Masturbation

  • Double the pleasure with our dual-channel stimulation technology.
  • Experience the soft, supple touch of a young girl's skin.
  • Get your hands on our full and juicy butt for the ultimate experience.
  • Feel every inch of our ultra-realistic internal canal for unmatched pleasure.
  • Our tempting and pink labia will have you begging for more.

5.0 / 2 reviews


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HOTSALE4.63lb Brown Doggie Realistic Masturbator

  • The healthy brown skin and good shape makes you miss the girl you met on the beach
  • Ultra-real details with clear pores and folds, entice you to explore every inch of the juicy hole
  • She's craving for doggy, missionary positions, and more, to reach the peak of pleasure together with you
  • Easy cleaning with soapy water or good-quality cleaner
  • Keep it away from direct sunlight, high temperature, heavy pressure, humidity, and pollution

4.7 / 16 reviews


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Randy Jenny Life-Sized Realistic Butt Masturbator

  • 2 in 1 vagina & anus give you double amazing stimulation
  • 1:1 life-size round ass brings you the most authentic sex experience
  • Super realistic labia details & skin texture can easily immerse yourself in the fantasy
  • Different sex positions you can choose
  • Skin-friendly and body-safe TPE material & 100% waterproof for use no worry

5.0 / 27 reviews


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Kayla 7.7lb Fair Skin Sexy Life-sized Realistic Butt

  • Lifelike plump hips, unparalleled visual temptation.
  • Supine and doggy position explore the sweetness of shy lady.
  • 2 independent channels perfectly imitate your girlfriend, dispelling loneliness.
  • Realistic details arouse your dick right now.
  • TPE material, soft and fit without harming delicate skin.
  • 100% waterproof and easy to clean.

5.0 / 5 reviews


Hot Video

8.8Lb Bendable Penis Male Torso Sex Doll

  • Realistic male sex doll with a cock, butt and asshole for varied play
  • He can be used by males as well, as he has a ribbed hole on the backside
  • The penis is fully bendable to almost any angle imaginable and you can enjoy different postures
  • 5.1 inch cock with balls for a realistic and filling experience
  • Made of lifelike and real-feeling materials, bringing you the most authentic experience
  • Easy to clean and store

5.0 / 25 reviews



【Recommended By Lady MaCallan】Sex Doll Male Masturbator with Vagina and Anal

  • 3 in 1 male masturbator with vagina, anus, and breasts
  • Built-in torso for changeable sexual positions
  • Triple sensations with breast sex, vagina sex, and anus sex
  • Extremely realistic details with pink nipples and juicy pussy for extra visual excitement
  • Soft and supple TPE, for the most lifelike experience

5.0 / 65 reviews


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Sylvia 10 Vibrating Realistic Butt with Life-like Boobs Vagina Anal Male Masturbator

  • 3 in 1 male masturbator doll with vagina, anus, breasts.
  • 10 vibrating bring more stimulation and fun during thrusting.
  • Pink tender nipples and labia hit your lust for spring chicken.
  • 2 life-like independent channel with different Internal stimulating particles bring double pleasure.
  • Premium liquid silicone material makes touching more soft, stretchy, real.
  • Portable for anywhere you like.

5.0 / 3 reviews


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Bestvibe 5.5lb Brunette Hottie Dual Entries Doggy Style Vagina Anus Realistic Butt Masturbator

  • A brown bubble butt bends over in doggie style, exposing 2 realistic fuck holes to you.
  • The tight love tunnels full of dense humps and ribs, engulf and massage every inch of your pleasure rod.
  • Right size with 5.5lb in weight, can be placed sturdy without moving around.
  • Superior TPE material feels extremely smooth and supple.
  • 100% waterproof for aquatic fun and easy cleaning.

5.0 / 2 reviews


Bestvibe 6.23lb Mariane Browned Caramel Sexpot Dual-Tunnel Realistic Anal Clitoris Male Masturbator

  • A realistic life-size replica of a dark brown sexpot, which is exposing her entire cunt to you lasciviously.
  • Different textures and humps in ensure the most intense stimulation.
  • Made from premium and durable TPR, Mariane’s inviting you spank her round, huge, and real-feel ass.
  • Mariane is always ready and willing to be your personal stamina trainer and never gets tired of.

5.0 / 3 reviews


Tight Anus Realistic Male Ass Masturbator

  • Flat bases for stable play
  • Realistic anal opening and scrotum
  • Textured inner wall for thrilling stimulation
  • Made of skin-friendly TPE for more authentic sexual experience
  • Easy to clean and store

4.9 / 37 reviews


Hot Video

3.3lb Pussy Ass Masturbator With Virgin Vagina And Anal Stroker

  • Sexy curves and healthy abdominal muscles brings you the ultimate experience
  • 2 secret sexy channel-you can choose which one to play with first
  • 3D texture with tightness and various grooves for a lifelike experience
  • Made of safe and body-safe TPE material to keep you away from harm in the sex experience
  • Perfect size and portability, you can take it anywhere
  • Easy to clean and store

5.0 / 41 reviews


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7.7lb Bubble Butt Torso Lifelike Masturbator Doll

  • Big bubble butts suit for multiple positions: missionary, doggy, and girls-riding, and more
  • With an anus, vagina, and big breasts for triple irresistible sex stimulations
  • Built-in torso makes it easier for you to insert her attractive vagina
  • Ultra-realistic details with thrilling textures channels for explosive play
  • Smooth and supple TPE material gives you incredible realism

5.0 / 79 reviews


Sexy Stripper Lifelike Butt Masturbation

  • The big bubble butts fit for multiple styles as doggy style, missionary style, and girl riding style
  • Built-in torso is easy to handhold and changes the position
  • Dual channels include a realistic wet vagina and super-tight anus, bring you thrilling textures for explosive play
  • Soft vagina opening looks and feels super real
  • Completely waterproof for use in the bath or shower

4.7 / 14 reviews


Bestvibe 8.7 Lb Lisa's s Side Action Spoon Position Realistic Pussy and Ass

  • Life-size realistic vagina and ass masturbator in spoon position for a lifelike experience
  • 2 canals for vaginal and anal penetration - you choose which one to play with first
  • Weighty, stable, and in position for play on-demand - hands-on or hands-free
  • Multi sex position such as propped up on cushions, laid flat on the floor or bed, or even held in two hands
  • Skin-friendly materials also easy to clean

5.0 / 2 reviews



4.2LB Scale-Down Realistic Butt

  • Scale-Down size and lighter weight is much portable
  • 2 Suggested style: cowgirl style and doggy style for enhanced pleasure
  • The fat butts shake when making love with her, making you want to grab it
  • Pink pussy and ass with ultra-tight channels for unbelievable pleasure
  • The soft and skin-friendly TPE material is worry-free

4.9 / 30 reviews



Sex Experts Double Labia Realistic Male Masturbator

  • Life-size realistic vagina and ass masturbator in doggie style for a lifelike experience
  • 2 openings of the vaginal and anal,you can choose your favorite gameplay
  • Made of skin-friendly TPE material for the most realistic and safe sex experience
  • Heavily textured canals provide intense sensations with every thrust
  • Easy to clean and store

5.0 / 21 reviews


Hot Video

12.7lb 3D Male Masturbator Doll with Torso

  • 3 in 1 make love with an anus, vagina, and breasts for multiple irresistible stimulations
  • Built-in torso makes it easier for you to insert her attractive vagina
  • The bigger size than usual gives you a more realistic feeling of sexual intercourse
  • Ultra-realistic channels to squeeze and please you with every thrust
  • Can be washed with mild soap and water

5.0 / 17 reviews



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