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Water-based Lubricant

by Bestvibe on October 13,2022

It is usually called water-soluble lubricating fluid, which is similar to that secreted by women’s vagina. It is the most widely used human lubricating fluid. Generally, it contains glycerin (cheaper), and there are some that do not contain lelo, such as lelo, but it is more expensive and volatilizes faster than others. The lubricant is fast, but it can restore the lubricating effect on the pure water at the dropping point.

Water-based lubricants are usually emulsified by oily substances such as animal and vegetable oils, mineral oils, and synthetic ester oils. They have good lubricity, cooling, cleaning, and safety, and are widely used in cutting fluids and drawing. In metal working fluids such as liquids, there are disadvantages such as extreme pressure, limited friction reduction, and low carbonization point, and it is easy to generate a large amount of carbonization residues under high extreme pressure, which will contaminate the processed surface.

Water-based Lubricant


mobile phone lubricating fluid is easy to clean, and it can be cleaned only by rinsing with water. Now there are more and more wash-free duty-based lubricants.


Although convenient, it evaporates faster than other lubricants. At this time, you can add more lubricating fluid or add water. Saliva too.


suitable for sex, all kinds of crape myrtle, arbitrarily matched with sex toys, very suitable for use with condoms (the water-based lubricant does not contain any material that dissolves condoms).

Since water-based lubricants have many advantages that dry film lubricants cannot, since the early and mid-1970s, various countries have been studying water-based deep drawing lubricants. Only the U.S. Patent Office, the Japanese Patent Office and the European Patent Office have done so. Granted nearly one hundred water-based lubricants (water-basedlubricant) patent rights. Founded in 1941, the American IRMCO (Imico) company invented an efficient, environmentally friendly, oil-free water-based stamping lubricant that can fully replace traditional lubrication technology in 1981. This is a polymer and molding lubricant that not only has Non-toxic, stable chemical, water-soluble, easy to clean, and has unique heat-seeking, high adhesion, high lubricating film strength, high extreme pressure resistance, high cooling, high thermal insulation and other superior characteristics. It is mainly used in punch drawing, punching, punching, bending and other processes in the forming process of metal workpieces, and can complete the most difficult deep drawing punch drawing. "Developing advanced lubrication technology, greatly improving the production process and working environment of users' metal forming, increasing output, and contributing to environmental protection" is the only driving force for the sustainable development of Aimei.

Safety Regulations

While shopping for lubes, you’re going to see several types of lubes which may look fun to purchase, but you must be careful to look at the ingredient label on each packaging to know the constituents of what you’re buying. For females, a healthy vagina should have a pH value of 3.5 to 4.5, so the lube you use shouldn’t be anything short or more. Be sure to avoid glycerin, petroleum, and/or nonoxynol-9.

Water-based Lubricant

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