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Tee-String Panties

by Bestvibe on November 02,2021

Tee-string panties refers to shorts that show the buttocks, so named because it resembles the character "Ding".

Thong refers to shorts that show the buttocks, so named because it resembles the character "Ding". Tee-string, tee string, areas with very hot weather were mainly simple and cool in clothing in the early days. Therefore, there is a popular custom of wearing thongs everywhere, such as the aborigines of Taiwan’s Ami and Dawu tribes, among men Thongs were popular in clothing, and most of the thongs at that time were made of linen. However, with the advancement of science and technology, the materials of the popular thongs are quite different from before. The popular materials of thongs are cotton, wool, silk and various chemical fiber materials, and the colors are various, and the types of striped laces are also very wide. .

Tee-String Panties


According to gynecologists, thongs, also known as T-shaped pants, are fashionable attire that can fully demonstrate the charm of women, and are especially popular with many young women. However, due to the special shape design of thongs, especially the lower part designed as a thick narrow belt, it is easy to rub against the delicate skin of the female perineum, causing local skin congestion, redness, breakage, ulcers, infections and other symptoms, thereby inducing pugilitis Other gynecological diseases can also compress the blood vessels around the anus and increase the incidence of hemorrhoids.

At the same time, some black-hearted manufacturers use chemical fiber products with poor air permeability as raw materials when sewing thongs to make them more intimate, which can easily cause women's skin allergies. So when wearing thongs, pay attention to the time of wearing.


1.Try not to wear thongs for a long time. If you need to wear thongs when you go out or go to work, you should change into cotton, loose-fitting underwear in time when you go home, so that the part can fully rest and ensure the normal blood circulation.

2.Secondly, pay attention to dress collocation. When wearing thongs, it is best to wear relatively loose outer trousers, and do not wear clothing such as the same tight jeans.

3.Also pay attention to changing clothes frequently. Young women should change their thongs every day to minimize the chance of genital inflammation. The timing of wearing is also very important. If there is a local disease or menstrual period, or the ovulation period two weeks before menstruation, avoid wearing it.

4.In summary, girls should choose white or light-colored, loose cotton underwear when choosing underwear.