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Sheep Eye Socket

by Bestvibe on November 02,2021

Sheep eye rims are a kind of husband and wife products that are hand-made after cutting off the eye rims of goats (the hair on the eye rims are the upper and lower eyelashes of the sheep), and then drying and disinfecting them.

Sheep eye sockets are made by cutting off the eye circles of goats, drying and disinfecting them, and then refining them by hand. It is particularly effective for female patients with frigidity and male impotence.

Sheep Eye Socket

Identification Method

1.Sheep eye sockets are not easy to shed hair, and have a slight fur smell, which can be eliminated after being soaked in warm water.

2. The eyelashes of real sheep are divided into two separate parts, namely the upper eyelash area and the lower eyelash area; the upper eyelashes are thick and thin on the outside, sparse and firm.

3.Sheep eye sockets are thick and shiny, with very few loose roots. Not easy to loosen.

How to Save

Sheep eye sockets should be placed away from mice and ants.

How to use

First, before using the sheep eye trap, you can soak it in high temperature water for about ten minutes and then pull it out a few times.

Then set it in the ditch of JJ's head.

Secondly, when using the sheep's eye trap for Ai Ai, prepare a cover, cut off the cover, leaving only the rubber band, put it in the tortoise ditch, and then put on another.

Sheep eye traps For men who love premature ejaculation, you can bring two sleeves.

After taking a cover, wrap a circle of toilet paper around the glans, not too thick, so that you won't ejaculate for an hour, and finally put another cover on the outside.