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Sex Bed

by Bestvibe on November 02,2021

Sex bed is a kind of sex furniture. Having sex on the bed is often seen as too normal and boring. Sex beds, however, aren’t. They have a little dynamic to them that makes them more exciting and extreme. Most sex beds are used for BDSM because of their features. Some of these features include straps, lockets, cuffs, and ropes.

These are used to strap in the submissive partner or cuff them down while BDSM things are being done to them. They are also very rigid and don’t squeak very often even during hardcore sex. One thing that makes them extremely different though is their colors.

Unlike normal beds that look calming and soothing, sex beds have some sexy colors like red or glittering gold to spike up sexual fantasies. They are also constructed to suit many sexual imaginations like vampire beds, cat beds, or elf beds.

Sex Bed

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