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Realistic Breast

by Bestvibe on October 27,2022

Imitation model of woman's chest shape

Detailed Process of Chest Mold

1. Apply petroleum jelly on the chest where you want to mold.

2. Apply silicone rubber to the chest to be molded.

3. Put plaster on the silicone. Large objects should be divided into several pieces.

4. After the plaster has hardened, leave the chest to be cast.

5. Coat the silicone layer with petroleum jelly. Fix it together with the plaster and open the casting port.

6. Add a curing agent such as disulfide to silica gel and inject it from the casting port.

7. Heat curing. Peel off the plaster and silicone layer.

8. Repair, polish, beautify,.

Realistic Breast

Now ,there are 3D scanning technology and 3D printing, it is very easy to make a realistic breast model.

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