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Personal Lubricant

by Bestvibe on October 13,2022

Friction is a total turn off during sex, not to mention painful. It's doubtful that anyone enjoys the sensation of inserting a penis (or dildo) into a dry vagina. A dry vagina can make sex less enjoyable and more painful. That's why lubricants have become such a necessity today. Naturally, the vagina is supposed to release secretions when stimulated to lubricate the walls and reduce friction during sex. But sometimes, it doesn't work for a variety of reasons such as menopause, depression, stress, smoking, strenuous exercise, childbirth, and even breastfeeding. Whatever the reason, dryness shouldn't ruin what could have been a steamy sexual encounter. With a lubricant, you can get the extra slip you want.

In addition to being used in the vagina, lubricants are important for anal or sexual intercourse and other types of sexual activity. They provide extra moisture, slipperiness and lubrication to the application area, eliminating friction and pain.

Sexual lubricants (or lube) are used primarily during sexual activity and can take the form of masturbation, penetrative sex, sexual play with adult toys, douching and/or clitoral and nipple pumping. They help reduce friction between one surface (toy, machine or penis) and another. They also increase the pleasure of sexual activity by reducing dryness and inserting warm, moist juices.

In addition, they prevent injuries caused by dryness of the sex organ opening (vagina or anus). Imagine the danger of inserting an anal plug without a lubricant, right? Generally speaking, lubricants ease penetration and make the whole experience sweeter and safer. But not all lubricants are right for everyone. Some people can't use their partner's lubricant because they are allergic, or sensitive, or because the other person doesn't like it. That's why it's best to bring your lubricant (or personal lubricant) with you to prevent avoidable complications.

Personal Lubricant