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Mouth Gags

by Bestvibe on November 02,2021

In sadomasochistic activities, only the battered person will wear the gag, and the abuser will not wear it. Wearing a gag is deprived of the right to speak, causing feelings of humiliation and helplessness.

The difference between the mouth plug and the mouth gag is that the mouth gag is a bit like the pain of a dog biting a root. It is a common sadomasochistic device that can seal the mouth or keep the mouth open for a long time, making the ball player unable to speak. In sadomasochism, only the battered person will actively gag, and the abuser will not seduce.

Mouth Gags


Harness-type Plug

A special kind of plug, usually an ordinary ball, but there are multiple fixed straps that can be worn around the entire head to make it more stable, and after wearing it, it looks like a horse with a harness.

Mask-type Plug

A special kind of plug, it is very similar to the harness-type plug, and sometimes it is difficult to even point out the difference. Generally, mask-type mouth plugs also have multiple fixing straps, but the part of the stuffing is a leather mask, and the stuffing may be glued to the inside of the mask. The stuffing of some mask-type plugs is a cylinder that extends into the mouth of the wearer. There is a plug at one end of the cylinder. In a sadomasochistic scene, the abuser can open the plug to perform forced oral sex.

Inflatable Plug

A plug that can be inflated or deflated to change the size of the plug, usually made of rubber, with an inflatable device. Inflatable plugs are not very practical, because users have different mouth sizes and can easily cause vomiting.

Fake Penis Plug

The stuffing of the fake penis plug is a fake penis. Some fake penis plugs are externally installed with a fake penis, and the user can have intercourse for others.

Mouth Gags


Cotton, silk cloth or towels, and even underwear can also be used as mouth plugs. When in use, knead some cloth into a ball and put it into the wearer's mouth, and use another cloth strip to tighten the mouth.

Adhesive tape

Adhesive tape can also be used as a mouth plug, which can be directly attached to the mouth during use


1.Wearing a plug is different from other sadomasochistic activities. The possibility of physical injury is very small, but there are also risks:

2. Wearing a plug for a long time or wearing a plug with an oversize model may cause jaw damage

3.The tape of the mouth plug may fray the wearer's skin

4.Wearing a solid plug when breathing in the nasal cavity may cause suffocation

Packing may Cause Vomiting

When buying a plug, you should pay attention to the size of the plug, and you should remove it in time after using it for a period of time. Wearing a plug must pay attention to keeping the wearer's breathing unobstructed to avoid suffocation. Since the wearer cannot speak, the two parties involved in the sadomasochistic activity should discuss an action as a safe word.


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