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Medical Gags

by Bestvibe on November 02,2021

Medical mouthpieces can also be used as mouth plugs to keep the wearer's mouth open for long periods of time. However, friction between the metal and the teeth can cause some discomfort.


Unlike other sadomasochistic activities, there is little chance of physical injury from wearing a mouthpiece, but there are risks.

Wearing a gag for a long time or wearing a gag that is too large may cause jaw damage

The strap of the gag may abrade the skin of the wearer

Wearing a solid mouthpiece when nasal breathing is poor may cause asphyxiation

The stuffing may cause vomiting

When buying a mouth plug, care should be taken to select the size of the mouth plug, and it should be removed in a timely manner after a period of use. Wearing a mouthpiece should be careful to keep the wearer breathing well to avoid asphyxiation. Since the wearer is unable to speak, both parties to the sadomasochistic activity should discuss a movement as a safe word.

Medical Gags


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