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Jeweled Butt Plugs

by Bestvibe on October 20,2022

A jeweled butt plug also called a gem butt plug, is very much like a regular butt plug. The only difference being that these cute anal plugs are encrusted with a certain gemstone.

Jeweled butt plugs are also called gem butt plugs, which are very similar to ordinary butt plugs. The only difference is that these cute butt plugs are inlaid with some kind of gems. These gems can be man-made or real, and the important thing is that they bring a subtle sparkle to the bed. Gem plugs come in different shapes and sizes. Very importantly, they also have different colors to brighten up that ass! An important feature of the docking plug jewelry design is its flared base. This is necessary to prevent toys from being lost in the rectum.

Jeweled Butt Plugs

Based on Design

1.Teardrop-shaped gemstone butt plugs: These gemstone plugs are shaped like teardrops and have a smooth surface. Their base is either heart-shaped or round.

2.Conical gemstone butt plug: This peculiar shape is easy to recognize because it looks like a pine tree, starting from the bottom and moving upward into a slender cone.

3.Ribbed Gem Butt Plugs: These cute butt plugs are ribbed in a circular fashion along the side of the toy. This design is to provide an extra ribbed feel for maximum anal pleasure.

4.String of jewels butt plugs: Imagine a row of sturdy beads, one on top of the other. This is exactly how these special gemstone docking plugs are designed.

Jeweled Butt Plugs

Based on Gemstone

1.Diamond butt plugs: These plugs are inlaid with diamonds. They are the most widely used type of shiny butt plugs. So, if you want to feel stylish, buy yourself a diamond plug.

2.Amethyst butt plug: The cool thing about amethyst is that this stone can emit different colors. So, if you like to have a spectrum, in addition to anal spice, this one is for you.

3.Rhinestone docking plug: The rhinestone docking plug has a certain sense of royalty and exudes the charm of double anus.

Based on Materials

1.Anal plugs inlaid with silicone: These anal plugs with jewels are made of silicone. They have a smooth appearance and solid color, are very friendly to the body, and are easy to clean.

2.Stainless steel butt plug: This refers to a shiny metal butt plug made of sturdy stainless steel. They provide good hardness and fullness.

3.Glass Gem Butt Plugs: If you like cute fancy, then these are for you. Their transparency adds a touch of interest to their sturdiness and accentuates the glitter of the gems in your bastard.

4.Alloy gem butt plug: Alloy is a metal composed of multiple metals. Therefore, alloy metal butt plugs include sparkling gem butt plugs made of several metals that are safe for the human body. Some of them may be gold or silver plated.

Jeweled Butt Plugs

Tips to using

It is important to note that you are using the size that suits you. If you start to feel any pain, gently remove the stopper and rest for a while before continuing.

In addition, anal toys are not allowed in the anus. You don't want anal bacteria to come into contact with vaginal bacteria; this may be harmful to your health.

Also, keep in mind that although the idea of ​​making DIY jewellery butt plugs is attractive, they are equally dangerous. Insist on buying high-quality industrial gem plugs.

Jeweled Butt Plugs

How to Store

Always keep their original purchase bags. However, if you do not have these anymore, you could purchase a sex toy bag to keep them in. The most important thing is for them to remain dry, and free of dust and bacteria.

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