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Fishnet Stockings

by Bestvibe on November 03,2021

It is a kind of stocking and a kind of erotic lingerie. They are thin nylon socks, and belong to the modern socks classification. The main feature is that they are knitted into a very large mesh and can be made into various patterns and designs, and are very shape-setting, and are known as the sexiest and wildest socks. The illusion created by the fishnet socks creates a kind of translucent allure - the kind of concave and convex three-dimensional feeling, extremely layered, so it will feel like gathering the vision, playing a slimming body shaping and beautifying effect. But too many holes make fishnet socks not warm enough nor protective enough, evolving more into a fashionable dress.


Fishnet stockings are mainly made of corespun silk and ultra-thin velvet

Cored silk: With high transparency and excellent elasticity, it completely overcomes the defects of nylon silk and crystal silk, and has a delicate and smooth feel, and is a mainstream product. Generally, those with a tight weave are the best, while those with a loose weave are worse.

Ultra-thin velvet: high-tech microfiber full elastic silk that is lighter and softer than hair, with a dense and detailed texture, a fine and smooth touch like silk, crystal transparent, and good breathability. In the case of winter socks, thickened velvet is generally used.

Usually the thickness is 6D-25D. Of course it is not absolute.

Fishnet Stockings


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