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Female Chastity Devices

by Bestvibe on October 28,2021

Women's chastity pants are clothing to protect women from sexual affairs and to maintain chastity.

Female Chastity Devices

The idea of keeping a female under sexual lockdown is quite ridiculous. It also happens that the concept of their existence in medieval times was a mere joke. Today, women use chastity belts to make sex fun. But even more, they also help women fulfil sexual fantasies and desires. Keeping the genitals locked and at the mercy of a partner can make sex more exhilarating and fun. Although there isn't much to back it up still, chastity devices aren't always all about sexiness; some people might still wear chastity belts to keep themselves for someone special.

The Design of Chastity Devices

The chastity devices you see today are somehow a result of the many tales about them. Although we are almost sure the history of chastity belts never happened, somehow, these devices have been birthed today by the imaginations of the past.

The chastity devices are designed to meet these imaginations having a strap around the waist and the genitals to keep them in place. Unlike what the unverifiable historical tales say about them, they are majorly used for BDSM. Yet, it wouldn't come as a surprise that someone is wearing it for actual loyalty to their partners.