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by Bestvibe on November 02,2021

Delayed external use spray, refers to the male external use of delayed spray, generally referred to as delayed spray. It belongs to the category of adult products. There is an essential difference between the aphrodisiac product and the aphrodisiac product, the aphrodisiac product is specifically for impotence patients, generally less normal people use, because the aphrodisiac product is a medicine, not a health product.

The biggest difference between the delayed spray and aphrodisiac products is that the delayed spray can be used by normal people! Information shows: general adult products are divided into two categories: flirtation class and internal and external health care category. The health care category is divided into aphrodisiac, delay, increase the three categories, of which the delay spray is a spray belonging to the delay category.

Application time:

30 minutes before intercourse will be shaken and sprayed on the coronal groove and glans epidermis, spray one or two times, while massaging to stimulate absorption, the amount can be increased or reduced according to the skin absorption.

Spraying area:

Spray an appropriate amount of this product evenly on the glans coronalis.

Optimal dosage:

According to the different physique and needs of each person, the dosage should follow the following rules.

A. For nerve-paralyzing sprays, do not overspray, as this may easily lead to short-term erectile dysfunction, which may last more than 24 hours in severe cases.

B, the amount that suits you, you need to slowly figure out. It is recommended that the first spray, in increasing order to find the amount suitable for you.

C, the spray is generally sprayed once, the validity of up to 2-6 hours, so during this period, do not spray again, especially the nerve paralysis type of spray, overspray may cause a short period of time can not be normal erection.


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