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Clothing Accessories

by Bestvibe on November 02,2021


Erotic clothing is an adult product between lingerie and clothing. Erotic lingerie is a derivative of lingerie, and many adult products are the same, erotic lingerie in Europe and the United States and other countries is already very common products, but in China, only in the last two years gradually accepted by the public, the focus tends to "sexy, mysterious", more temptation as an element, in the visual sense of strong temptation, so that both sexes to achieve The focus tends to be on "sexy, mysterious", mostly with the element of seduction, to produce a strong visual sense of seduction, so that both sexes can achieve a full sexual experience.


Rope Type

The super-high style panties have a rope belt on both sides of the waist for tying. These panties are bold and hot in appearance and are suitable for women of all sizes. And as long as one side of the rope belt is untied, it is exciting enough.

Lace Panties

The material is mainly semi-transparent, surrounded by lace piping, is a typical representative of the romantic "inner beauty", pubic hair is hidden, for the visual tease, with hands directly touch is also a pleasure.

Open-crotch Erotic Panties

This kind of panties happens to be empty between the two strands, and if you wear a mini-skirt out, it can be enough to keep people on their toes, which is a dazzling and hot design.

Long Stockings

These pantyhose have a large opening between the two strands to allow unobstructed access to the panties.

Net stockings

Very common as erotic lingerie.

Garter Elastic

Imagine a woman putting one leg on a chair, and the tantalizing look can really charm people.

Top and bottom type

Made of red silk fabric, it looks very energetic and wears on the body with more delicate skin. The top is simple, with a small bow, with a wide lace at the waist; the bottom is made into a mini-skirt style, light and nimble.

Tuxedo Type

Natural waist and generous style are the main features. With short sleeves, lace on the cuffs into a flare, the skirt has a curved hem, the breasts seem to be exposed, as if to say, both the style of outerwear, but also the interest of underwear.

Halter Type

There are thin suspenders on the shoulders, mostly blue and black, green and black, feeling fresh and loose. The black edge is long and can shine in the indoor light. The chest is opened and gently tied with a thin belt, giving a shy attitude.

Pleated Type

Mostly with cream silk and pure white lace, waist, large skirt, good drape, lace in the form of pleats decorate the skirt, elegant and generous, the girl dressed like an angel.

SM Dress

SM originated from the European aristocracy, the history of unknown years. The word "sadomasochism" is a synthesis of the concepts of sadism and masochism, which evolved from the names of the French writer Sade and the Austrian writer Mossok. Sexual play in which pleasure is achieved through pain. In sadomasochism, one partner plays the role of the abuser and one partner plays the role of the abused. The SM costume is the costume for the role of the abuser in sadomasochism.


The original design of the garter is a ribbon or elastic band tied around the opening of the stockings, with the upper end tied to the edge of the belt or the buckle-like hem of the corset, to prevent the stockings from slipping. The elastic band makes the upper body connected to the stockings, which are hidden under the high hemline, sexy and noble. In recent years, fashion stage designers have repeatedly exposed the garter belt, and it is not uncommon to see garters flying all over the place at fashion conferences, making domestic fashion MMs fall in love with them.

Garter for women is not only to let the stockings can be fixed, while the rope tied just show the beauty of female wildness, resistance.

Garter Wear.

Many girls have a headache to wear the garter belt because they don't know whether to wear it inside or outside their panties. In fact, this is not difficult, depending on what occasion to wear. If you want to wear the garter and stockings first, then wear your underwear. This way the girls can go to the toilet and take off without any trouble. We see models in movies and magazines are wearing garter socks outside, in fact, it is not that they wear the opposite, but deliberately highlight the "sexy logo", the importance of "fun" well! If you wear it for the same purpose, you can also try it!

One-piece Underwear

The name jumpsuit comes from the distinction between the upper body, the lower body connected together in a suit not separate clothing, and is divided into jumpsuits and one-piece socks. The style of the onesie is tight series, in the tight wrap design perfectly present the body curve, erotic lingerie in the onesie is also a lot of breast exposure.


According to the direction of fat growth and the pressure that each part of the body can exert, different pressure is given to strong, medium and weak. Ergonomic design of the pressure applied to the strength, so that the wearer can be comfortable and achieve the best state of fat displacement body shape.


Breastless clothing is a feature of erotic clothing that highlights the function of showing breasts.

Erotic Dresses

There are long skirts and short skirts and other styles, because it highlights the "fun" to sexy center, and different from the ordinary skirt clothing, the main performance are: highlighting the transparent, sexy lace, or breast, or pattern design highlights the wild. Generally with the same texture panties or thong.

Erotic Uniforms

Erotic uniforms can be subdivided into Christmas clothes, maid clothes, nurse clothes, stewardess clothes, student clothes, witch clothes and a series of clothing named after the role of clothing. The style mainly reflects the character characteristics of the profession, the innocence and liveliness of students, the coldness and cruelty of witches, and the good manners and consideration of nurses, aiming to make people detach from the role in life, do whatever they want, stimulate the desire to conquer, and enter the dreamy sanctuary of passion. Erotic uniforms are also gradually used in many exhibitions, net expo, and become a major highlight in various meetings.

Clothing Accessories


Accessories generally refer to masks, costumes (girdles, bras, dresses and skirts, gloves, headgear, latex, patent leather clothing, stockings and leggings, undershirts and shirts...)

Clothing Accessories