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Body painting

by Bestvibe on November 02,2021

Body painting, that is, to paint a beautiful costume with plant pigments on smooth skin, with a special aesthetic feeling. Generally speaking, body painting does not harm the skin and is not afraid of washing. It is painless, colorful, and the patterns are changeable. The process of painting is simple and easy.

Body painting is composed of dots, lines and faces, which can be embodied by painting according to the content you want to express.

Body painting is divided into eye painting, face painting, and full body painting.

Body painting

The Difference between Tattoos and Body Painting

1."If body painting is similar to wall painting, then tattoos are similar to wall carvings.

2.Color painting acts on the surface of the skin, the stratum corneum, the epidermal layer

3.The tattoo works under the skin, below the epidermis, and the dermis

4.Color painting only needs to consider the shape of the human body and the embodiment of the pigment

5.The tattoo is between square inches to pierce the pigment under the skin with a needle. It is not only necessary to consider human factors, consider the color, consider the changes at the time, and consider the changes in the future.

Wonderful Works

The body painter Emma Fay and the acrobats combined their exquisite skills to create “body paintings” that are fidelity enough to be true, as if the wild side of the body is ready to come out.

Body painting

Jen Seidel's Body Painting Art

Body painting