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Anal Duschen

by Bestvibe on October 25,2021

The medical anal duschen refers to the operation of lavishing the rectum with fluid from the anus. It is used to treat diseases (such as constipation), alternative health treatments, or illegal abuse (such as sexual abuse).

Anal duschen is sometimes part of BDSM behavior.

Anal duschen can also be used to clean the rectum before anal sex.

Anal Duschen

In addition, there are examples of alcoholics who use alcoholic beverages to infuse their intestines to achieve drunkenness. Because alcohol is not destroyed by gastric juice and the intestinal tract absorbs alcohol quickly, if this formula is used to infuse large amounts of alcohol to achieve drunkenness, it may cause drunkenness. Acute alcoholism.

Anal duschen is also one of the elements that will appear in some pornographic films.


Anal duschen is a treatment that uses a catheter to be inserted into the colon from the anus through the rectum to infuse liquid to achieve a laxative and exhausted treatment method. It can stimulate intestinal peristalsis, soften and clear feces, and has the function of cooling, inducing labor, diluting intestinal poisons and reducing absorption. The low temperature solution can cool the patients with high fever. In addition, it can also achieve the therapeutic purpose of supplying drugs, nutrition, and water.