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Written by: Vivan Murdoch Published on November 10,2023







This book is intended for adult audiences and contains adult themes. The acts in this book are not meant to depict an actual dynamic and can be dangerous if done incorrectly. Please play responsibly. Author is not held responsible for readers’ actions.

Kinks, Fetishes, Triggers:

Includes not limited to…

Primal Play - including hunting and stalking, Praise, Mild Knife Play, Mask Play, Toy Play, Anal Play



Leaves crunch under my feet as I walk through the thin forest. My heart pounds with each step I take, flooding my ears until it’s nearly all I can hear. Animals call out, their cries soft, muted somehow.

I can’t seem to hear them over the thick, pulsing sound as it winds its way through my veins. It’s hot and thick, like lava. Even my cock seems to jerk in time, jumping, pulsing, pounding with each breath ripped from my throat.

Through the bond, I feel my wife, Kayleigh. Her emotions waver through me, spicy, jangly. I can feel her lust, her anxiety, and her longing. A smirk quirks up my lips as I tip my nose in the air.

I could find her easily if I wanted to. All I have to do is follow the bond until she’s in my grasp. But I don’t want to win that way. I want to work for it, earn it. I want my little omega to feel the rising dread as I stalk her through these trees.

She asked for this. Begged for this. With every story she read, her desire grew. I watched as her fingers dipped below the blankets so she could secretly stroke herself.

We both pretended I didn’t see her. We both acted as if there was another reason her hands squirmed while her eyes skimmed the page. It doesn’t bother me she gets off to reading other’s fictional forays because it makes her so much wetter, so much more receptive to my deviant brand of love.

However, I have noticed a trend with these new books. She’s been devouring things with primal play. When she goes about her day, I look at the passages she highlighted, seeing what turns her on the most.

Seems my little minx is craving a hunt. But not just any hunt. She wants to be taken down and rutted in the ground like the dirty little whore she is. My cock twitches as a soft groan erupts from my lips.

Just picturing her face down in the dirt, her ass raised high as I take her. It’s almost enough to make me come right here, spilling my seed out on the ground instead of inside my precious omega. My filthy little wanton would be so sad to know I’ve wasted my cum by letting it splatter against the moldering foliage instead of pouring it down her throat or stuffing it into that hot pussy of hers.

I reach down and squeeze myself, curses littering the breeze. This started out as just a fun game, but it’s soon turning into a frenzy. I need to hunt down my omega and drag her underneath me.

Resting my hand against a nearby tree, I scan the scene, looking for anything that might convey where she is. Luckily, it’s not a massive space. It’s not like I can actually lose her. When building our dream home, I made sure there were swaths of land for just this purpose.

But I’m not an idiot. The entire property is fenced off so no one else can intrude on our bit of fun. It also keeps her penned in, trapped, like the prized animal I’m about to devour

Through the bond, I sense her realization. I feel the need to escape fluttering through her, making my heart race in kind. Granted, the stakes are not as high as her heart makes it out to be. It’s not like I’m some monster that will harm her to make a point.

But then, I know just how much she wants to please me, to allow me an actual hunt. She craves my pleasure so much it vibrates through us until it takes an almost anxious turn. What she fails to realize is I’m delighted with her whether this hunt is over quickly or not.

Closing my eyes, I whisper into the bond, easing the building dread I feel surrounding her. The purr is almost inaudible, but I know she feels it. Soon, her heartbeat slows, making mine rest as well.

I lean back and breathe, gathering my wits about me once more. It is a game, after all, and I want to give my omega the very best of me. Hunching down to the ground, I trail my fingers through the dirt, feeling the vibrations.

She’s not even close to me. Where is that little minx hiding? Chuckling, I turn back to the house to grab a few surprises. What she thought was a simple game is going to end up fucking with her mind more than she thought.

Glancing at myself in the mirror, I smile as I grab the mask. True, spooky season is over, but that doesn’t mean I can’t give my omega what she’s truly craving. I slide a knife into my pocket and head back out.

The bedroom is already ready for us, so I don’t have to worry about that. I just have to find my woman and drag her back home. Pulling the mask back up, I scent the air again, my balls clenching up as I catch a whiff of her.

It’s a tendril, a small bit of her arousal drifting on the breeze. But it’s enough to almost make me stumble. My mouth waters as I imagine her taste on my tongue. I’ve already eaten her out once today, but I’ll never tire of her.

A shiver of lust races down my spine as I turn to the right, picking up on her scent even stronger. Pulling my mask back down into place, I take out the knife and pop it open. She hears it.

I know she fucking hears it. The moment the pop reverberates through the trees, her heart picks up speed until I’m the one gasping for breath. Chuckling, I stalk forward, following the sounds of her erratic footsteps.

She’s no longer hiding from me. Now she knows I mean business. My cock aches as she scurries about looking for safety. The sounds scratch at my brain, a primal urge I must obey.

Hunching down, I stare at the tree line, watching for her movement. There. Just there. The moonlight flickers a moment as she darts in and out.

My omega is fast, but I’m much faster. Moving silently through the woods, I follow her, my fingers clenching around the knife. It’s cold, kissed by the night air, but as I hold it, my heat seeps in, warming it up.

I groan as I catch her scent again. Soon, it will be her body heating up the blade. My blood runs hot and thick through my veins as I duck under a low branch, nearly catching her.

She still has no clue how close I am. I can hear her breathing now, harsh and raspy. It makes my head pound with need.

So close.

So. Fucking. Close.

Reaching out, I grab the back of her outfit. Her shrieks ring out into the night air, startling some birds from their resting place. They squawk down at us, angry for the intrusion. All it does is add to the melodious cacophony dripping from her lips.

She falls to her knees as adrenaline kicks in. Turning around, she finally sees me in the mask. For a moment, her heart stops. I feel it just as keenly as my own—an icy fist gripping it, squeezing hard for a moment, then letting go.

I can tell she wasn’t expecting this, wasn’t expecting to see me in this state. Looking at it from her eyes, I look wild, unhinged, like a madman set to destroy her. And I am, so achingly slowly.

Time stands still as she pauses, poised to flee. Her body trembles as she’s caught in that liminal space between heaven and earth, fight or flight. Which will she choose? God, I hope it’s fight.

As if she hears my silent plea, she kicks out with her foot, shoving me off of her. My cock stiffens even more as she turns onto her stomach and crawls off through the brush.

She tries to stand, but I’m already over her, hovering, a massive force looming. The instant she rises, I press my hand down into the middle of her back forcing her down into the dirt

Kayleigh squirms, doing her best to throw me off. But she’s no match for me. She’ll never overpower me. And it’s what drives her wild, sends more arousal perfuming the air.

Through the bond, I feel that need to be overpowered, to be forced to relinquish control. It drives her forward and spurns her on as she kicks out and swipes behind, hoping to dislodge me.

With a dark chuckle, I stretch out on top of her, letting my bulk settle, pinning her deeper into the ground. Her breaths are wheezy now, pained cries of adrenaline-fueled terror. My cock lurches forward at the sound, precum pearling at my slit.

“You think to overpower me, little one?” I rasp against her ear. “I’m going to fuck you so hard you won’t even be able to breathe afterward. That’s what you want, isn’t it? To be ravaged? To be taken to the edge of your sanity and past?”

She doesn’t answer. But then, she doesn’t have to. I feel everything through the bond. I sense her need, her desperation. Wrenching her thighs apart, I reach between and cup her mound. Even through her jeans, she’s soaked.

“No!” she cries out, squirming even more.

Oh, but what that one little word does to me. Thankfully, it’s not our word. It’s not the one thing that we’ve agreed upon to make all of this stop. Because truth be told, I don’t want to stop. I don’t want this to end until my blade is at her throat and my cock is deep in her pussy.

“No!” I mock, yelling out just as loud as she is. “Scream all you want, little omega. No one will hear you. No one will save you.” I grip into her delicate flesh, grinning as she writhes beneath me.

“Please,” she cries out, her words hoarse.

“That’s it, my sweet. Beg for me.”

Keeping the knife away so I don’t harm her, I turn her over onto her back. In the moonlight, I gaze down into her eyes, noting how blown her pupils are. She’s so close to subspace that I can almost taste it.

“Be still for me, pretty girl,” I croon, sliding the knife blade across her cheek. “I don’t want to mar this beautiful body.”

Her intake of breath is harsh in the silence, but she does as she’s told. Always my good, obedient omega. Sliding the knife down further, I saw into the neckline of her shirt, my breathing coming in short, punctuated gasps.

The fabric stretches taut with each heave of her breasts as she drags air into her lungs. Carrying the blade all the way down, I make my incision before gathering the two halves in each hand and wrenching them apart. The rips sound impossibly loud in the dark, flooding my ears and spiking my heart rate.

Once her breasts are bare to me, I hold the knife at her throat and grab one in my palm. She groans, breaking character as the pleasure races through her. But I don't care. At this point, we can be done playing if it means devouring her body.

With a quick flick of my hand, I remove the mask so I can sample what’s so freely being offered. Bending low, I lap at her taut nipple, earning a soft, breathy gasp. She arches up to my mouth, her body straining against me.

I need to touch her, to feel her pussy clench around me before I go insane. Ripping my hand away, I slide my fingers down to the metal buttons of her jeans. The last barrier between me and what I truly desire.

Kayleigh helps me. She grips the sides of her pants and shoves them down, just as desperate as I am. Her needy cries call to me, pushing all thoughts of this game out of my head. Besides, I still have one more surprise for her inside.

Closing the knife, I tuck it into my pocket before ripping the pants from her body, leaving her naked. Under the light of the moon, her skin seems to glow, as if she’s some magical creature.

I scoop her up into my arms and toss her over my shoulder. As much as I want to fuck her in the dirt, I want to enjoy my meal. And I can’t do that with nature clinging to her wet pussy.

She kicks up again, pretending to fight me as I carry her to the house, but it’s not the same. It’s less fear-based and more needy. Her fingers dig into me with urgency as we clear the doorframe.

Setting her down on her own two feet, I watch her wobble for a moment before he makes a beeline to the bedroom. With a soft chuckle, I set my mask and knife on the side table before stalking after her.

I find her standing in the doorway, her face screwed up into a frown. She’s so fucking adorable. “Something wrong?”

“No. But I’m confused. What did you do to the bed?”

“Allow me to show you my other surprise for tonight.” Stepping in, I lead her over to the bed and throw back the sheets.

The pillows are arranged in a bit of a shelf with a new toy sticking onto the bed frame. After seeing how wet she got reading about being stuffed with two dicks, I went searching for something to help in that endeavor.

Reaching over, I release the suction and show her the massive toy. “Here.” I press the button, my cock jerking as it comes to life. “I know you want two dicks inside you, filling you up until you can’t breathe, but this will have to do. You know I’ll never share you with anyone. Ever.”

The dildo pistons back and forth even as it vibrates. Her eyes grow large as I cycle through all the various options before returning it to the primary one—thrusting in and out in an even rhythm.

Her arousal swirls around her body as she runs her fingertips from the blunt, slightly flared head down to the bulging knot. “I don’t know what to say.”

“Nothing. Get your ass on the bed. Hands and knees. I’m going to let this toy pleasure you for a little while as I watch. You like that idea, don’t you? You want me to watch you get off on this silicone cock? Want me to pleasure myself as I watch you fall apart?”

“Y-yes, Sir,” she manages to breathe.

“And then, I’m going to have it fuck your ass as I take your pussy.”

Her eyes bulge for a moment as she contemplates it. It will be a tight fit for sure, but I know my baby can handle it. Tipping her chin up, I capture her lips with mine, kissing her hard until she starts to moan and wriggle in my arms.

“You like that idea,” I breathe against her. “Don’t you?”

Unable to speak, she merely nods her head, her eyes wide, nearly black as her pupils eat up her irises. I have no doubt she’ll be aroused enough to handle us both. I’ll just have to take things slow and ease my way in.

Just the thought of me pounding into her while the dildo takes her ass makes my cock pulse and clench. My balls draw up painfully tight. The biggest question now is if I’ll have the willpower not to just come all over her and wait until we can both stuff her full.



My lungs stop working as his voice drips over me like melted chocolate. There’s a growl to his tone, a dominant bite that never fails to make my pussy clench with need. He twists his words, wielding them as a weapon.

Yes. I like that idea very much indeed. Anal play is always a favorite of mine, and I love testing my limits to see what I can take. However, this situation causes me to pause a bit.

It’s massive, and so is he. Can they both really fit? Knowing Alex, he’ll make it happen. Once he gets an idea in his head, he always sees it through.

I can’t help but reach out and touch the soft silicone again. I’ve seen this toy before. The Phoenix, I believe it’s called. I’ve wanted it but wasn’t sure how Alex would incorporate it into our play. Several different scenarios played through my head when I first found it, and he’s making them come to life.

He always knows what I want even when I refuse to say it. He makes my deepest fantasies come to life without me having to say a word. Granted, it’s the bond doing most of the work, but it’s relieving having him in my head. He can hear my longing even when it’s so fierce I can’t find the right words for it.

Rushing onto the bed, I position myself how he wants me. The blunt tip prods against my lower lips as he puts it back into position, and I can’t help the decadent moan ripping from my throat. I need this. I crave this. I have to be filled up.

And then he turns it on.

I both hear and feel it move, thrusting in and out, teasing my entrance. He guides me, backing me up as it pushes forward, eased into me by my copious amounts of slick. There’s a burn as it stretches me open, drawing a slight whimper from me.

“Oh, poor thing,” he croons, pulling me back away. “Is it too big for you? Need me to open you up first?” He slides at least two thick digits into me. “You can take it, can’t you, pretty girl,” he murmurs against me. “I want to watch it stretch you out, preparing you for my thick cock.”

Each word is punctuated by a thrust of his fingers, making my eyes nearly cross as lust pours over me. It only adds to the filthy words pouring from his lips. But more than that, it spurns on that need to please him, that need to be his good girl.

Grinding down on his fingers, I moan, my inner walls fluttering. God but he feels so good. I can’t help the little pleas of need as they flit past my lips. His dark chuckle skitters down my spine as he pulls out of me.

“Oh no, sweet thing. You’re not going to get off that easily.” He fiddles with the dildo behind me, positioning the tip back at my entrance. “Slide back on it for me. That’s my good girl.”

His fingers drift down to my clit, stroking me as the dildo stretches me open. “It’s so fucking hot watching your tight cunt swallow this beast,” he groans. “You’re doing so good for me. Move back a little more.”

He pauses to stroke me some more, allowing my pussy to acclimate to this invasion. The vibrations buzz through me, making everything tense up as pleasure zips down my spine. With each thrust, it opens me up, pummeling me with its relentless rhythm.

Everything goes hazy as I remain on all fours as my mate touches me, teases me. I’m so close to coming. But then, he knows that. With another one of his infuriating chuckles, he draws his fingers away.

“You’re almost there, love,” he rasps out, his voice thick with need. “All that’s left is the knot. But you can handle that, can’t you? Mine is so much bigger and you take that so well. Show me how good you can take this cock.”

Gritting my teeth, I back up even more, groaning as I work the knot past my tight ring of muscle. With an almost audible pop, it slips in. It continues to thrust in and out, hitting that spot deep inside.

“There now. That’s my good girl. I knew you could do it for me.”

Walking back to the edge of the bed, he unbuttons his pants and inches them down past his hips. The scent of his precum slams into me, making me famished, nearly ravenous for him.

“I know you want my cock, baby. Don’t worry. You’ll get it. As soon as I come all over your pretty face, I’ll shove it deep inside you.”

My insides clench with need as he inches over on his knees in front of me. His cock bobs just out of reach. If only I could taste him. With a smile, he slides his hand down my cheek.

“Or, I could change my plans entirely. Want to see what it’s like to be spit-roasted between two Alphas?” He pauses and grabs my chin. “This is the only way, you know. I’ll never let another man touch you as long as we live.”

Sighing, I let my eyes flutter closed. “I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

“As long as we’re clear.” Grunting, he moves closer, until his tip brushes my lips.

His deep, masculine scent washes over me, nearly drowning me. Unbidden, I open my mouth and slide out my tongue to lap at his slit. His salty essence is like a dark, forbidden treat. It’s the deepest of chocolates, bitter, yet with a sweeter, smoky finish.

I could drink from him for all eternity. Angling my neck, I take his plump head into my mouth. Whimpering, I run the edge of my tongue around the tip, teasing him as much as he’s teased me.

After tonguing the underside, I slide it along his slit, my pussy clenching around the thick dildo as he groans. His fingers grip my hair, holding my head still as he eases in.

My mouth stretches wide to accommodate his girth. All the while, the dildo continues to thrust inside me, drawing me ever closer to the orgasm that has eluded me thus far. Though I’d rather it be my mate pounding away inside of me, it’s a good substitute.

Every time I clench around the girth, it gives, just a little, like a real cock. And the knot is sublime, giving me the feeling of being stuffed full of him without keeping me locked together for a while. It’s all the pleasure without any of the other consequences.

It allows me to enjoy my mate thrusting in and out of my mouth, sawing past my lips in an opposing cadence to the dildo. Every time the toy thrusts forward, he draws out. It keeps me on the edge, as if I’m being pulled in two different directions.

I dig my fingers into the comforter, desperate to come. But he doesn’t allow me. Not yet. He wants to see to his first. Just knowing I bring him such pleasure makes my insides quiver with needy expectation.

“Fuck, Kayleigh,” he groans, fisting my hair as he slides in further.

His knot bumps against my lips as he tips his cock down my throat. The delicate muscles spasm around him, drawing out another slew of curse words. My pussy answers in kind, clenching around the thick knot of the dildo.

My moans intermingle with his masculine grunts, the erotic cacophony ringing in my ears. As much as I long to touch myself, I don’t dare. Not without his permission.

“My. Good. Fucking. Girl.” Each word is said in a groan, punctuated with a thrust. “That’s it, baby. Take this fucking cock down your throat. Gag for me. Let me feel you clench around me. Christ Kayleigh. You feel so fucking good. Don’t stop. Keep sucking me deep. Just like that. I want to come down your throat and fill your gut with my seed.”

His filthy words ring in my ears. Tears spark in my eyes as my throat convulses. Balling my fist, I clench my left thumb to keep from puking. He pulls out, just long enough for me to get some air, but surges right back in.

Saliva pools in my mouth, dripping down his shaft as he slides in and out. My pussy spasms in need and desperation as he defiles me, using me as his receptacle. I can’t get enough. It will never be enough.

Gripping my hair even harder, he pulls out, his eyes gleaming. “I want to see just how much you can stretch for me.”

He guides me forward until the dildo is no longer inside me. Already, I miss its invasion. I feel so empty without it. But soon, he slides underneath and pulls me on top.

He’s definitely bigger than the toy, but since I’ve been stretched out, he slides in with ease. It also helps that he keeps his knot on the outside. Groaning, I wriggle on top, clenching around his girth.

He moans and grips my hips, stilling me as he positions me how he wants me. The dildo continues to thrust behind. I can hear it, feel its tip brushing against my asshole.

“Can you do it, baby? Can you take both of us? Try for me, sweet girl. Break open for me.”

I moan at his words and pull open my ass cheeks. I’m so wet, so aroused that my slick coats my back entrance. It takes very little effort for the tip to slide in. Biting down on my lower lip, I let the dildo do the work, relaxing as it trusts in, breathing in and out with each press.

Alex groans beneath me, holding still as I slide further onto the dildo. It’s tight. I’m so full that I can barely breathe.

Once I get to the knot, he stops me. Rocking in and out, he finds the rhythm of the dildo and moves in opposition. Each hole is stretched wide, forcing me open as I take both massive cocks.

Under me, my mate remains silent, but he doesn’t have to speak for me to know what he’s feeling or thinking. The bond hums in primal satisfaction as he fucks me, owning me from the inside out.

Reaching between us, he strums my clit, finally giving me the relief I’ve been searching for. I toss my head back, nearly howling in my pleasure. Through the bond, Alex feels feral, almost as if he’s in a rut.

“Come for me, baby. Let me feel you break apart on my cock.”

At his words, my pussy spasms. Everything clenches up as he and the dildo continue to thrust. Tossing my head back, I moan as my orgasm explodes throughout my body.

“That’s my good girl,” he growls, his fingers continuing to stroke me. “God, I love feeling you like this.”

Pulling me back further onto him, he takes me off of the dildo. Soon, he surges in even deeper, pausing for a moment as his knot starts to inflate. My fingers scrabble over his chest as I hold onto him, clinging to his strength as another orgasm starts to build.

The moment he knots me, pinpricks of light shoot from behind my eyes. Everything tenses as another orgasm rips through my body. He gathers me into his arms as his shouts of release mingle with my own.

His hot cum bathes my insides, filling me up. Shudders run up and down my spine as he runs his fingers over me, murmuring his soft words of praise. We lie there for what feels like eternity, just basking in the glow of our fucking.

He purrs for me until I’m boneless. Draped over him, I allow my eyes to close as I hum in satisfaction. His warm fingers massage me, kneading me, until I’m limp, like a puddle in his arms. This part is always my favorite.

It’s the closeness, the way we become one in these moments. His love for me pours through the bond, drowning me in his adoration. Rubbing my face into his chest, I breathe him in, drawing his scent deep into my lungs.

“I love you, my dirty girl,” he murmurs as he runs his lips over the crown of my head.

“Good,” I tease back. “Because you’ve kinda ruined me for any other man, Alpha or otherwise.” Through the bond, I can feel his preen of satisfaction.

“Good. I’d hate to have to bloody my hands.” His words are raspy, as if on the cusp of sleep, but I don’t doubt the validity.

“Likewise. I can certainly claw someone's eyes out with the best of them.”

“That’s my little hellcat.” With a grin, he kisses me, the love shining through his eyes.

Pulling back, he eases out of me. Though mostly deflated, it’s still a touch uncomfortable to have his knot released from my body. However, any discomfort vanishes as a laugh bubbles from my throat.

“The dildo is still on.” We both look over at it, watching as it thrusts into nothing. With another giggle, I pry it off the headboard and stare at it. “Wait. Is this on purpose?”

Laughing, I motion toward the base where it glows a fiery red. Alex scrunches his brows as he pulls it from me and turns it this way and that.

“I mean, it’s supposed to be a phoenix,” he murmurs, turning it off before handing it back to me. “So I’m guessing it’s a feature and not a bug.”

“I love it, though. A dildo that can burn you from the inside out with lust. So hot you dissolve into ash and rise up into a powerful orgasm. Enough to send you flying.”

“Waxing poetic soon after an orgasm. Hmmmm. Maybe I didn’t discombobulate you enough?”

I know he’s teasing, but it doesn’t stop my insides from clenching as slick gathers between my thighs. “Will it always be like this?”

With a gruff growl, he pulls me into his arms. “It will be if I have any say in it. I love you like this, hot and needy. I don’t care if I never get work done, I’ll spend forever feasting on your body.”

“Forever… I certainly like the sound of that.”

I hopeyou enjoyed this sexy shorty! And if you’re at all curious about the toy they used, you can get one here! Be sure to read all the instructions and play safe! I am not held responsible for what you choose to do. But you can certainly blame any orgasms on me. ;)

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